Travel Advisories for Families Traveling to Aruba

A detailed article about travel advisories for families wanting to go to Aruba.

The Caribbean paradise of Aruba, just off the coast of Venezuela, is the perfect spot to get away from it all with the family. The island nation is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the high majority of the island's revenue comes from tourism. Favorite island activities for the family include snorkeling, wind surfing, kite surfing, and horseback riding. Also, Aruba is an ideal location in which to do nothing except enjoy the tropical paradise scenery.

Entry Requirements

All visitors that are not of Dutch citizenship are required to have a passport for entry and United States, Canadian, European Union citizens as well as most South American citizens do not require a visa upon entry.

Travel Advisories

Aruba is known to have a low crime rate compared to other countries and there is no known existence of any terrorist or extremist organizations, which put foreigners at risk in many other nations. There are few areas on the island where the drug trafficking circle operates, usually the transporting illegal substances from South America. To ensure that a family stays away from potentially dangerous areas in Aruba, travelers are advised to do the following.

-Research and find the location of your Embassy or Consulate office.

-Research Aruban sites and literature to determine the best spots for tourists.

-If in a guided tour, stay with the group.

While the level of criminal activity is low in Aruba, incidents do occur and foreigners are top targets. Hotels have had guests’ belongings stolen out of their rooms, rental cars have been taken for their parts or for joy rides, and there is the rare armed robbery. Being victim to these crimes can add stress to a family vacation so the following actions are advised.

-If renting a car, make sure that the proper insurance coverage is purchased.

-If leaving the hotel room, lock all valuable possessions in a secure safe or suitcase.

-Double check to make sure the hotel room and car doors are locked.

-If items are stolen out of the room, notify the front desk.

A special note for parents is that the legal drinking age in Aruba is 18, which is often not enforced. Many bars and night clubs often sell alcohol to tourists that are underage as a way to increase profits. Families that are traveling with teenagers are advised to use additional parental supervision while in Aruba.

If you are a victim of a crime:

-Call the local Aruban police with the number 911.

-Report the crime to your country's Embassy or Consulate Office, which is available 24/7 for emergencies.

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