Lowland Heathland: Leith Hill

Lowland heathland is a priority for nature conservationists in England because this type of habitat is threatened. Many different plants and animals live in these areas. Some of these animals are the nightjar and the sand lizard. Cowberry, gorse and of course heather, are also found in these sandy, acidic areas.

Lowland heathland is one form of the local nature reserves (LNRs) which are found throughout England. These are center on specific features that are found in the area where they are created. They benefit both people and animals by offering protection to the wildlife and providing opportunities for residents to learn more about the environment around them.

Local nature reserves in England include long abandoned landfill sites, coastal headlands and industrialized areas that have been taken back by wildlife after being used for coal mining and other activities. All of these regions are important to biodiversity in England. In order to be designated as an LNR an area must provide opportunities for research.

Lowland Heathland: Leith Hill Location

Leith Hill is the highest point in the south of England. Many people who reside in other parts of England may stop by when they are in Surrey, where the site is found. It is a few miles south of Dorking and is also close to Sutton. If you are planning on visitng Sutton or live in that area, Leith Hill is a good place to spend some time relaxing.

Lowland Heathland: Leith Hill Tower

Leith Hill has historical significance since it was used as a battle point between the Danes and Saxons in the 9th century. It also features an 18th-century Gothic tower. When visitors climb to the top they have a beautiful view of London and theEnglish Channel. Guests may peer through the telescope to see points in greater detail.

Several people also like walking through the ancient woodland nearby. The trek through the scented Rhododendron Wood and the open heathland is also invigorating. Families often choose to have picnics there and light snacks are available at the Tower’s eatery. The area has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Lowland Heathland: Leith Hill Picnicking

Since Victorian times, people have traveled to Leith Hill just to enjoy a picnic with their friends or family members. Nowadays people arrive by car, bus, bike and other modern means of transportation. Back then, they came by horse and carriage.

Several benches are placed in strategic locations for the convenience of guests who just want to rest a while they explore the grounds. There are also picnic tables available to give added protection from ants and other small creatures. Those who want to sit on the grass will be sheltered from the sun by the trees near to them.


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